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Gizelle Hamilton

About Gizelle

I am a life coach supporting both women and men to find and maintain the ultimate goal - HAPPINESS.

By combining my background in life coaching, career planning and rehabilitation counselling with practical advice and spiritual wisdom for the modern age, I support you to find happiness in every moment, while continuing to work towards your dreams.

My mission is to help women and men to cultivate joy, gratitude and compassion, so that they can live a truly fulfilling life through to the end.

Let's consider that that...

Why do you want?

  • More money?

  • To be in a loving relationship?

  • Family or children?

  • An amazing place to live?

  • To go on vacation? 

  • Anything else that you desire?

The answer is simple....

Because you believe that having those things will help you to feel better - to FEEL HAPPY AND COMPLETE.

You want the emptiness, frustration and hopelessness to dissipate…

Happiness is the goal that you spend your life chasing.

I work exclusively with people who are called to achieve the ultimate goal of happiness

By working with me, you will:

  • Find joy in the NOW

  • Clear out the circumstances, relationships and material things that no longer serve you

  • Get clear on exactly what you want in life

  • Discover how to combine energy with action to achieve your goals

  • Replace frustration with joy as you travel through life

  • Work With Me Privately

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