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"Thank you Gizelle. You are a gift." - Denise Thompson

Meet Gizelle


Hi!  I’m Gizelle Hamilton.  I am a Psychic Channel and reader of the Akashic Records.  But more important than that – I am a soul just like you – on a journey, experiencing myself and All-That-Is in this third-dimensional reality

I truly believe that we are all the powerful creators of your own reality.  If you can dream something then you can achieve it!

If ever a probability pops up in your reading that you don’t like, then we ask how we can change the outcome!  It’s that simple!

Sometimes it just takes a simple shift of behaviour, mindset or action to get the wheels in motion towards creating the life that you truly desire!  In my readings, we turn potentials into probabilities with the guidance of our friends in spirit!


Soul Realignment

My most transformational reading!  Uncover your soul gifts and release blocks that are holding you back from living the life you truly desire.

Chakra Balance

Find out which chakra imbalances are affecting a specific issue or discover which chakras are creating an imbalance in your everyday life.

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