Ask and It is Given…..

You are the powerful Creator of your own reality….

You have heard it all before, but some days it all seems too hard…  Too impossible…

And I’ll tell you why…  There is one step in the process of manifesting that very few people talk about.  That step is this:

Dance with what comes to your door

We set the intention for what we want in our lives but how the Universe delivers is beyond our control.

We expect things to happen, or turn out, just so.

Sometimes we don’t want to take the baby steps necessary to start the journey.  We just want to LEAP right on to the end.  How dull!  It’s like watching the start and end of a movie with no middle!

What happens is this…

  1. You ask.
  2. The Universe delivers something to your door.
  3. You shut the door.

Now I hear you thinking…. “Not true!  If what I asked for showed up I would take it!”

But here is the thing.  Imagine that you ordered a cleaner.  You know that a cleaner is coming, but you don’tnow who or when or how.  One day, months later, a man rocks up at your door and says, “I’m your Sanitation Expert”.  He has crazy purple hair and a nose ring.  You think, “This is NOT what I asked for.  I wanted a Cleaner, not a Sanitation Expert.  I was expecting a woman, not a man.  And what will people think if they see this person with crazy purple hair and a nose ring coming to my house?!”  So you shut the door in his face.  Now what you didn’t know was that this guy is in fact the BEST cleaner for miles and miles.  He was EXACTLY what you NEEDED, if not exactly what you expected.  So by slamming the door in his face, you just threw away a great opportunity.

Manifestation is a bit like that.  We ask and if what we start to receive isn’t EXACTLY what we had imagined, so we shut the door in its face and say, “No thanks!”

So here is the challenge, dance with what comes to your door.  Whatever it is.  If you recognise it as some sort of response to a desire or request, accept it.  Dance with it.  Be grateful!  It will be exactly what you need at the time or a stepping stone to get where you want to go.

It can be a bit scary.

It can be a bit confronting.

It can be a bit uncomfortable.

But if you can focus on the gift that the dance brings rather than focussing on the elements that aren’t exactly as you planned, you will open yourself up to receive more and more good.  The more you say “Yes!”, the more goodness will arrive at your door in greater frequency!

The better it gets, the better it gets….

Here’s to dancing 💃


Photo credit: David Hofmann on Unsplash

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