Have you ever sat down and asked yourself what you really want?

I mean REALLY want.  Without exceptions.  Without boundaries.  Without telling yourself that it isn’t possible?

I have been doing a lot of inner work this year.  The energies have been so intense and they have been pressing me to divest of all that doesn’t serve me and step into the new.

But what is the new?  What does it look like?

Instead of sitting down and setting specific goals, I sat down and identified BROAD goals for what I really wanted in my life.  My goals were this:

  • Financial Abundance
  • Spirituality
  • Love and Relationships
  • Freedom and Spontaneity
  • Happiness, Joy and Gratitude

Then I broke it down even further.  I realised that my biggest priority was my family.  I wanted:

  1. Money to give my children everything they could need and want.
  2. Endless time to spend with them.
  3. A flexible, soul-centred career.

And guess what?  Life has become simpler.

Now that I have identified my core desires, every decision that I make revolves around four basic questions:

  1. Does this benefit my family?
  2. Does this offer time and flexibility?
  3. Will this provide the finances I need for my children and my core desires?
  4. Does this bring me joy?

Once you boil down all the things you “think” you want or need and identify your TRUE soul desires, everything becomes easier…  There is no confusion about what you really want and less complication around decisions.  When you come to a cross roads, you can recognise instantly which path meets your core desires and which one doesn’t!

Today my soul calls me to share this because I want as many people as possible to identify and live according to the calling of their soul.  When you follow your soul’s yearning, you win at life.  You are happier.  You find peace.


An Exercise for You:
  1. Find some quiet time, a pen and some paper.
  2. Turn off your head, consciously open your heart and FEEL into what you want.
  3. Write a list of five broad themes that you really want in your life, such as joy, love, family, travel etc.  Do not get specific here – these are like themes that you want in your reality.
  4. Now, look at your list and distill it down.  If you had NO LIMITATIONS and ANYTHING WERE POSSIBLE IN YOUR LIFE, what would you really want?  What would your life look like if it were your unique version of “perfect”?
    Tip: This is not someone else’s version of “perfect” or what anyone else tells you your life should look like.
    What are the one or two core things that if it came down to the crunch, you would NEVER, EVER compromise on?  That you would never give up on?
  5. Voila!  You have identified your core desires!!


From now on, make every decision from a place of not negotiating on your core desires – the non-negotiable that mean the most to you.  Your joy is your true North.  Follow it every step of the way!

Here’s to a clearer, simpler path for you…. and to your joy – every single day.


Photo Credit: Easton Oliver on Unsplash

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