Most spiritual seekers know about the horoscopes… sort of… broadly.  But what most people refer to when talking about “their” horoscope is their “sun sign”, i.e. the sign of the horoscope under which they were born.

Intriguingly, everything within the physical realm has its own internal horoscope.  Imagine this internal horoscope as a wheel or cog and as it slowly spins, it moves a mechanism which pushes you into a new stage of life.  Each sign of the horoscope represents the stage of life you are at.  There is no time limit on how fast or slow this process will take and the time taken in each stage is not necessarily equal, so two people born at the exact same time may in fact be in completely different stages of their life with regard to their internal horoscope.

Here is what happens as you progress through each stage of your internal horoscope:

Aries: Birth.

Taurus: Establishing roots and grounding in physical reality.

Gemini: Gathering experience and knowledge.  Branching out and taking different paths.

Cancer: Turning inward to reflect on life and experiences.  The development of the core self.

Leo: Maturity combined with ability.  Creating a family, acting as a parent or sharing wisdom with others.

Virgo: Universal love begins to develop within the depths of the soul.

Libra: A measurement of deeds both good and bad.  Finding perfect balance between the physical and spiritual within the self.  

Scorpio: This is a great turning point wherein a person overcomes drive and desire for materialism.  When this is achieved, the ego dies and the Scorpion transforms. The spirit rises as an Eagle in complete recognition of its own divinity.

Sagittarius: The enlightened one becomes a great teacher to others.

Capricorn: Universal love is born within the heart.  Universal love becomes visible in every word and deed.

Aquarius: The individual radiates divinity as a true child of God/Creator/Source and shares their treasures with the world.

Pisces: Re-unification with All That Is and the end of earthly life. 

Now I hear you thinking, “But I know plenty of unenlightened people who have died.  Young people who never go the chance to really live.  Horrible people.  This doesn’t sound right.”

In fact, this cycle is true and complete for every person who has ever and will ever live.  Exactly what it looks like is dependent upon the individual’s level of consciousness and where they are in terms of their own soul journey.  Every lifetime our soul grows more and more, so the level of enlightenment and wisdom that a person attains will be different. Ergo, the depth of understanding they achieve and the wisdom they share with the world will be different and entirely appropriate for their state of consciousness.

Every soul on this planet goes through a beginning, development, culmination, decline and dissolution.  This is true for entire lifetimes and it is also true for smaller milestones, such as getting through a day.  Each day our bodies rise, reach their peak, decline and then we put ourselves to sleep to allow us to return to our consciousness.  This is a mini daily cycle that mirrors the larger cycle of our entire lifetime.  More interestingly, our lifetime is a mini cycle within the cumulation of our many lifetimes, which is part of a greater cycle of ascension.  Slightly mind blowing right??

And now that your mind is blown, I am going to leave you to reflect on this information and distill it into your being.

Here’s to your ascension – in your own perfect time – within the perfection of All That Is.


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