Happy New Year!  I hope that you had the opportunity to spend time with people you care about.  And if not, I hope you took the time to spend with you!

With small children, late night parties are not really on the cards, so this year I welcomed in the New Year with some late night journalling.

It was all about gratitude for what has passed and working with the energies of the new to set the foundations for a fabulous 2019.

I started 2018 playing with the energies of manifestation and the law of attraction.  I definitely believed they worked, but I was also deeply entrenched in “realism”, hence why I use the word “play”.  I was sort of like a cat who bats around their toy mouse for a bit and then walks away, before coming back a few minutes later to play a bit more.

As the year went on, I dived more and more into doing my own “inner work” and putting the law of attraction to work for me – delicately balancing the energy work with the actual “doing” of making the reality I wanted come to pass.

At the end of it all I can tell you this….

The law of attraction / manifestation definitely IS as powerful as its advocates say.

You just have to master it and accept that you need to slowly inch along the seesaw of faith and focussed intent before you reach the tipping point where the magic happens and all that you have asked for tumbles into your life with ease, grace and flow.

Now knowing how easy and powerful the law of attraction can be, I decided to set it to work to make sure that 2019 is my best, happiest and most abundant year yet.

Here’s what I did….

First, I sat with my journal and wrote a letter to 2018.  It was a “thank you” note really.  A thank you for all the amazing things that had come to pass and the people who had touched my life, plus a thank you for the clarity, insights and learnings from the not so pleasant experiences of 2018.  In fact, I was even able to acknowledge that I had made the tricky parts of 2018 trickier than they should have been by giving them an unnecessary emotional charge, rather than just observing them and letting them go….

That’s the thing with the law of attraction…  Once you start to master it you can see so clearly how you have made your experiences either “good” or “bad” by the emotional charge and attention you gave them in the first place.

Once I had written my “love note” to 2018, I set to writing a “welcome letter” to 2019.

I embraced 2019 like a new neighbour and told it all the amazing things that we were going to co-create together.  I set clear intentions for the year ahead with the definite understanding and energetic charge that as I had asked, so it was given.

Thanks to this practice of thanking and releasing the old and welcoming in the new, I have stepped into 2019 with a clear head and absolute faith that I am on the right path and all will be well.

I will now spend the first 30-days of this year distilling my intentions further and really stepping into the energies of that which I will create.

So now it’s your turn….

Remember that YOU ARE the powerful creator of your own reality. Name it and claim it.

Set your intention and steadily, day-by-day, take steps towards your desired goal with absolute faith that it will happen!

And if you haven’t already, it’s not too late to write your “Thank You” note to 2018 and “Welcome” letter to 2019.

Wishing you the most amazing and fulfilling 2019.


Photo Credit: Gabrielle Cole on Unsplash

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