The Disney movie, “Frozen” was on replay for a couple of days in our household.  I actually quite enjoy the movie and during one of the sittings, I became bothered by the prediction given by Pabbie, aka Grandpa Troll…. It reminded me of SO MANY psychic readings.

As a side note, if you haven’t watched Frozen before and plan on doing so, this article will be a bit of a spoiler, so perhaps come back to this AFTER watching the movie.

For those of you who have watched the movie, or don’t care to watch it in the future – Grandpa Troll is magical.  He foretells a very young Elsa and her parents, that fear will be the worst enemy of her powers.  So her parents lock her away from the outside world until she can gain control of her powers.  Of course, being ostracised and told that her powers could be dangerous scares her so much that she loses control of her powers – through fear.

In the end (here is the spoiler), Elsa works out that the antidote to fear is love and she regains control over her ice magic.

This is where I get frustrated – didn’t Grandpa Troll think that would be A useful bit of information to impart at the very beginning of the movie??  Now of course this would have meant no movie, because the plot line would have been destroyed….

And therein lies my point.

When you get a psychic reading, you get snippets of information for you to piece it all together.  You don’t get told EVERYTHING.  In fact, the psychic only has access to see what YOU are meant to see.  This means that sometimes, key information that would help you to make a truly robust decision is missing.

Just like in Frozen, if we get ALL of the information, we could destroy the plot line of our own lives and miss out on key experiences that help to define us.

I remember a psychic reading where I was told that I would go to a new workplace and my colleagues would be like family.  What I wasn’t told was that I would really dislike working for my bosses and I would find their managerial immaturity infuriating.  If I had known this, I may have made a different decision, but I also wouldn’t have made the friends I did nor receive the experience and freedom that I did.

Psychic predictions are useful in that they tell you what will happen in your future if you continue down your CURRENT TRAJECTORY.  The trick then is to ask the psychic what you need to do to create the reality that you ACTUALLY desire.

Pretty nifty advice, right?

Perhaps if Elsa’s parents had asked more questions and not jumped the gun, the whole outcome would have been different….

Until next time,


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