When you look in the mirror, what do you see?  Can you really see yourself?  The core of who you are?

When you look in the mirror, “seeing” yourself should involve feeling or sensing who you are at your core.  You should be able to see and feel a radiant being before you.  In reality though, most people aren’t radiating at all.  Their brightness is dulled by obligation and denial of true passion.

But what is radiance?

Radiance is your best asset.

Radiance is your birthright.

Radiance is your soul expressed.

A radiant person is one who is living their soul.  By that, I mean living their life passionately, feeling all of their emotions and following the guidance of their soul.

But how do you actually do that?

Here are my six traits of a radiant person:

1. A radiant person respects their own feelings.

A truly radiant person follows their own emotional GPS.  If they don’t feel like getting up for the gym at 5am one morning, they won’t!  Instead they will respect their feelings and go for a walk later in the day instead or give themselves a day off.  They trust themselves to stay on the “right” path and understand that a day off is inconsequential.

If they are feeling sad or angry, they will let themselves feel into that, respect their emotions and release them.  They will recognise that sadness or anger is a sign to make changes in their life and set a new focus on what truly pleases them.

2. A radiant person follows their passions.

A radiant person makes the decision to follow their passions no matter what.  That might mean starting a side job while they work their “day job”, creating a budget and earning extra cash to travel around the world, or painting pictures even though they have no buyers.  Why?  Because that “extra” thing they do fires up their soul and a fired-up soul attracts endless joy and goodness into their lives.  They attach no expectations to their passions other than to experience joy, which attracts even more joy into their lives.

3. A radiant person doesn’t care who is watching.

A radiant person realises that what other people think of them is far less important than their own happiness.  The radiant person is more likely to dance down the street, lie on the floor with their kids in a public place or strike up a conversation with a complete stranger.  And what they learn is this…  Everyone else is watching on in complete awe, because although they want to, they aren’t brave enough to be radiant too.  In fact, radiant people are magnetic because everyone wants to be part of their energetic vibrancy in the hope that it will rub off onto them.

4. A radiant person does not get bogged down in obligation.

A radiant person will have commitments, but none that don’t light them up or make them feel good.  Is this selfish?  Not at all, because a radiant person sets an example of ascended living and encourages those around them to be radiant as well.  A radiant person may still work at the local homeless shelter, give money to charity or prioritise their grandchildren, but when something is done regularly from a space of joy, it is never an obligation.  See the difference.

5. A radiant person releases relationships that don’t serve them.

As people, we all grow.  Sometimes a relationship that nourishes us for years and years suddenly becomes toxic, because people grow apart.  A radiant person knows when it is time to release a relationship with love, because nothing dulls your radiance like toxic relationships.  Even family relationships sometimes need space or complete removal from your life.  That is totally fine.  The most important thing is that you go where you are celebrated, not where you are tolerated.

6. A radiant person understands that it doesn’t matter.

When you are an eternal soul who can reincarnate again and again, the details of the life don’t matter.  There will be up’s and down’s, but it’s all just experience.  In the end, we all get there…  No one is left behind.  By taking the pressure off to “succeed”, “be someone” or aim for “perfection” (whatever that is), the radiant person takes away all of the pressures that suppress their radiance, allowing them to shine brighter and brighter.

Are you ready to be radiant?

Here are some simple exercises to get you started.  Get out your journal, centre yourself and answer the following questions honestly.

  1. What am I truly passionate about? What do I love doing?
  2. How can I start to follow my passions right now?
  3. List all of your obligations. Now, mark all of those obligations that make your heart sink or that you despise.  Work out which of those obligations you can eliminate and which you can alter so that the terms suit you better.
  4. List all of the relationships that are causing you heartache or frustration. Separate the list into relationships that you want to keep and relationships that you are ready to release.
    For all the relationships that you are ready to release, do so with love and compassion.
    For all the relationships that you want to keep, work out what needs to change and make those changes.  This may involve communicating with the other person and working things out together.  Chances are that if you aren’t happy, neither are they.

Once you have finished this exercise, leave me a comment and let me know how you went.

Here’s to your radiance!

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