Initiation by Elisabeth Haich is one of my all-time favourite spiritual texts and a must read for anyone who loves profound spiritual material.

Originally published in 1960 by Elisabeth Haich, this book is the story of her spiritual journey from an early incarnation in Ancient Egypt as the daughter of Pharaoh Atothis, through to her most recent incarnation as an upper-middle class Hungarian woman.

Interwoven into this riveting and deeply cathartic story is such a depth of spiritual knowledge that your brain will hurt.

The book recounts Elisabeth’s spiritual journey and path to enlightenment within this lifetime, PLUS her spiritual journey and fall from grace in her early lifetime in Ancient Egypt, where she recounts the profound spiritual lessons she was taught by Ptahhotep, the High Priest of Egypt and her spiritual instructor.

This book beautifully weaves together the sacred linkages between astrology, geometry, duality, manifestation, reincarnation and many more spiritual concepts so that we can better see and understand the grand design of all that it.  It is akin to being able to see both the breathtaking picture on the front of a magnificent tapestry, plus the threads at the back that have pulled the beautiful creation together.

The truly fabulous thing about Initiation is that it is far from dry.  When your brain isn’t hurting from wrapping your head around sacred geometry and its link to manifestation and materialisation, you will be deeply engrossed in both Elisabeth’s early life in Ancient Egypt and her most recent life which is set around the time of WWII.  These real-life characters drag you in so deep that you will never want to let them go.


Who is this book for?

Intermediate to advanced spiritual beings.

If you love to deep dive into spirituality, the meaning of life and the path of the soul, then this book is definitely for you.

If you prefer more feel-good spiritual “fluff”, then this book is not for you.

Just starting out on your spiritual path?  Add this book to your reading list and dive into it once you are ready.  If you are just starting your spiritual journey, the depth of the spiritual matter may be a bit overwhelming.


Ready to dive in to this incredible book?


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