Recently, my husband asked me what my definition of success was.  I told him that success is relative… then it hit me in a flash and I said:

“Success is when you move beyond that which you ever thought you could achieve”.

That which you “move beyond” could be a state of mind or a state of being.  It’s really about surpassing that which you could ever have imagined for yourself or attaining that dream which seemed so practically out of reach, through sheer faith, determination and perseverance,

Success is relative because every person’s perception of the unattainable will be different.

  • For the refugee, success may be losing everything, prevailing despite the worst odds and starting a new life in a new country.
  • For the parent of a special needs child, success may be growing as a person day-by-day until they are filled with the love, patience, acceptance and perseverance that they never knew they could possess.
  • For the humanitarian, success may be making an impact in ways they had never perceived.
  • For the child from a poor family, success may be owning their own home.

Success is not about money, fame or social status.  Success is about overcoming the odds – actual or perceived – and becoming more than we ever thought we could become.

When you look at it that way, what are your successes?  I bet you’ve had more success than you realised.

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