The Law of Attraction states that if you can dream it, you can have it.  Which is totally true.

The problem is that there are so many misconceptions about how the law of attraction works and quite frankly, our human ego steps in and tries to control the entire law of attraction process – which is not how it works.

When working with clients, I come across the same mistakes being made again and again.  To save you from the same frustration, I have provided a list of the top four mistakes people make when trying to apply the law of attraction

1. Doing Nothing

The Universe / Source / All-That-Is can’t decipher whether our mental and emotional feedback is real (in physical terms) or not.  So under law of attraction, we are taught to imagine the outcome as achieved and feel into the emotions of the person you have become upon achieving your desire.

This ability to imagine and feel the final outcome AS IF it had already happened is an essential cornerstone in the law of attraction.  In fact, the energy work is the REAL work, not the hard, painful, back breaking stuff.

BUT… and this is a big BUT… You still have to do SOMETHING.

I can’t tell you how many of my clients have underpinned their hopes and dreams on manifesting a multi-million dollar lottery win – and then years later are questioning why nothing has happened.  Effectively, you need to meet the Universe half way. You have to take even the smallest of steps towards getting what you want.

When I dive in further with my clients, I discover that there is always something more fundamental that they want besides the money, such as a house by the beach, a Summer home, a good education for their children etc.  When we identify the ACTUAL desire, suddenly it becomes attainable.  Want a house by the beach?  Start looking for places down by the beach to buy or rent within your budget.  Start small, dive in and grow your dream from there!

If there is something that you desire, some version of it MUST be available to you NOW.  It is law…

2. Expecting New Results from Old Actions

Expecting significant new results from fundamentally the same daily activities is just borderline crazy.  You know that – I know that – but STILL we do it all the time!  We all LOVE our comfort zone, but our comfort zone does not yield new results.

Here is a basic example: You go out to the same Jazz bar every Friday night hoping to meet the perfect “someone”.  You’ve been doing it for the last three years with no success, so you decide to try a new Jazz bar in a different part of town.  Sorry to say, but you are still in your comfort zone and this action is not significantly different enough to yield significantly new results.  Think about it…  What else do you like doing?  Maybe your ideal partner isn’t that big on bars (and maybe you secretly aren’t either!)  Perhaps you should be joining a book club, going to the theatre, go play pool, or whatever else it is that you enjoy that is significantly different to what you are doing right now.

Significant new actions = significant new results.  Similar actions = similar results.

3. Dictating HOW the Outcome Will Occur

As human beings, we LOVE being in control.  It’s actually a really neat survival skill, because if we can plan our actions then we are more likely to control the outcome (and less likely to starve, die or have something else unfortunate happen to us).  But if you are focussed on survival, that is what the Universe will give you – more survival.

If you want to thrive, you need to release the reins and allow the Universe to coordinate the rest for you.

This might seem contradictory when I have just told you that you need to do SOMETHING, but it’s actually not.  You need to make changes and take steps towards your goal, with total faith that the Universe will work out the details of “how” it will happen for you.

When I started my Equine Naturopathy business, I needed to get some personalised marketing photos for my website, with the end goal of more visibility and more sales.  So I got inspired to run a competition whereby the winning entrant would be the “star” of my marketing materials.  Totally unintentionally, that competition brought me massive visibility, more likes to my social media pages, more clients, more referrals and more money.  That is just one of the funny ways that the Universe works.  I had obviously set the intention to have a profitable business and the Universe gave it to me where I wasn’t looking for it – I just had to follow the inspirations as they came to me.

The same applies to you.  Don’t worry about the “cursed hows” – leave that to the Universe.

Pro Tip: When I start worrying about the “how’s”, which is a massive manifestation roadblock, I intentionally switch my thinking to “why” I want my desire.  It’s a total game changer – it switches you back into alignment with your desires, which in turn allows faster manifestation.  Give it a try the next time your thoughts try to get in the way.

4. Dictating WHAT the Outcome Will Look Like

This is perhaps the biggest block to manifesting our desires.  When we put a desire out to the Universe we should be focussed on how achieving our desire will make us FEEL, rather than what the outcome looks like.

I see a lot of clients who desire a very specific person to be their life partner.  They have it decided that they want to be with this one particular person (often at any cost) and so they pursue the relationship with dogged determination.  Sometimes they get that person too – but as it turns out, the manifestation of that relationship doesn’t make them happy in the long run.  Why?  Because they had decided what (or in this case who) the outcome would be rather than allowing the Universe to bring their best match forward.  What they should have done was close their eyes and focus on what it would be like to be partnered with their true love – how this person makes them feel, common interests they may share etc.  Suddenly, the Universe can go – “Yes, I have just the right person for you, give me a moment to coordinate some serendipity!”

In this example, the first person focussed on precisely what the outcome would look like and ended up miserable, whereas the second person focussed on how they would FEEL and ended up with the best partner for them.

Does this resonate with you?  Made a few of these mistakes yourself?  I sure have!  Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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