Most of us want spiritual enlightenment and we want it NOW (if not yesterday)…

We are happy to do endless courses, read countless books, go to healing and past life regression sessions – but God forbid we should actually have to live our lives – and live numerous lives at that!

This is what we call “spiritual escapism” – when we try to dive so deep into the spiritual in order to reach enlightenment and effectively escape from our physical lives.

The thing is – the soul has come forward to experience itself in the physical and to discover itself in that way.  The path to ascension is ONLY through the physical experience.  So counter productively, we try to ascend by AVOIDING the thing that we came here to experience, which is LIFE ITSELF!!

Souls are lining up on the other side of the veil to come into the physical experience so that they too can expand, progress and ascend – to step into the third circle of Creatorship – while over here in the physical world, we just want out!

I was reading a book recently about a woman who was able to recount all of her past lives.  In one of her earliest lifetimes she was initiated into the ancient temple of Egypt.  She was warned multiple times not to request initiation until later in her life when she had gained more life experience, as she was still very young and naive towards the more adult elements of life.  Being young and headstrong, she persisted and become a priestess while still in her youth.

And guess what happened?  Her lack of full life experiences left her vulnerable.  She had so much LEARNED KNOWLEDGE but not the WISDOM that comes with actual experience.

She knew all of the theory inside and out, but her lack of life  experienced found her in a scenario that she was unable to read and understand until it was too late.  In fact, she was so disconnected from the physical and emotional part of herself – with all of her focus upon the mental and spiritual parts of herself – that she total missed her own basic physical and biological cues.  And all of this lead to a giant, painful, cathartic fall from her lofty heights.

Now the horrifying result of this was that the priestess had to start at the beginning again and go through lifetime after lifetime to learn  to understand and reconnect with all aspects of her being before she could reach enlightenment.  She had to experience the most base primal needs of her body, learn about divine love, feel absolute compassion for humanity, reconnect to her consciousness and finally reach a point where she fully understood and embodied the fundamental principle of, “I Am That I Am”.

And she could only attain that enlightenment through lived experience.

Here is something that I know:

All souls eventually attain enlightenment.  In fact, considering that the soul is not in fact bound by time and space, your soul is actually already Ascended – you are just experiencing the process of how it got there!

So yes, you can speed up the process of your enlightenment through study and spiritual practices, but you still need robust life experience to get there.

So, my message to you is this:

  1. You will absolutely get there;
  2. Spiritual study and finding spiritual mentors absolutely will speed things up for you; BUT
  3. Don’t try to escape your life and run a spiritual bypass on reality, because it just doesn’t work that way.

While you are here, choose to enjoy your physical experience and remember that you are unlimited potential travelling in this body, which is simply the vehicle or avatar through which you experience this physical reality.  So make the most of this life and know that it is already done!  Every experience you have is in the interest of developing your spiritual consciousness and leading you closer to your ascension.

Truly, all is well in all of Creation, so embrace the journey!

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