Hi everyone.  This is Gizelle Hamilton and today I want to talk to you about why you should never call in help to get your manifesting dreams to become a reality.

What I’m referring to very specifically here is what I see a lot of when people get online to social media platforms and have chats to friends and say,

“I’m trying to manifest money to pay my bills can you all pray with me that I get the money I need?”


“I’m studying for an exam and I want to get a really good result will you meditate with me on that outcome?”;


“I’m wanting to get a new job. I’m going for a job interview.  Can you all breathe with me so that I can get that job?”

Now what happens when you ask for help like that is you’re effectively putting it out there that you alone are not enough to manifest what you want; you’re not powerful enough; you don’t have the energy to do it and you need help and what you effectively do is you slow down the manifestation process and you stop it from coming to you.  So you actually really need to stop doing that.

What you need to do instead is to sit there and recognise that you are the powerful creator of your own reality; that you are a sovereign being; that you are God also and that you have the power to create worlds.  And in that space of knowing and in the space of knowing that because you have asked so it is given, you purely sit and breathe in the energy of what you want.  Simply breathe it in.

It doesn’t need to be hard.  You don’t need to visualise anything.  It’s like we want to keep the mind out of it as much as possible.  We want the mind to be quiet.  We want to breathe in and feel the energy of the manifestation, feel the energy of the outcome as it comes to you in a complete state of trust and knowingness and obviously continue to do that breathing, not with effort but with ease and grace, every day until the manifestation comes to you, knowing that as you have asked so it is given.

Now I’m NOT obviously talking about action steps here.  I’m NOT saying, “Don’t ask for help if you actually need help from an expert, or someone else to come into your life to work with you.”  So for example, if you are going for a job and you need help writing a resume and you have a friend who works in Human Resources, by all means approach them and say, “Can you help me write a resume?”  that is completely different.  That is action steps as opposed to sitting back and going, “I can’t manifest this energetically; I can’t attract it to me.  Can you all help me?”  You can do it by yourself.  You are the powerful creator of your own reality and you need to start owning that from this time forward.

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