Hi everyone.  This is Gizelle Hamilton and today I want to talk to you about the importance of aligning and realigning with our soul gifts and our soul profile.

I’ve been reminded of this in the last few days when I myself have been looking back and doing a bit of an audit about the things that have worked really well in my life and the decisions that I’ve made really well and the things that haven’t worked so well for me in my life and when my life has stagnated or not gone to plan… and what I’ve worked out and realised and really already know, but had to remind myself was that, in the times in my life when I have done what is in alignment with my soul and what’s in alignment with my soul profile, things have gone really well in life… and in the times when I’ve done things that people say I should do, or do it according to standards, life has stagnated and it hasn’t gone as well.

Now to give you a bit of visibility on that, my soul profile is all about freedom and speaking my truth. So for me I need to not be bogged down by obligations, not be weighed down by too much; I need to go with the flow; I need to do what inspires me and I need to have a voice.  I need to get out there and be seen and have something to say.  Now some of the best decisions I’ve made have been my craziest decisions, where I’ve just known I have to do it and I’ve acted very quickly on impulse and that aligns beautifully with my soul profile.  The times in my life where I’ve tried to be more calculated and do what’s really sensible and what’s common-sense, life has just stagnated.  All the times when I’ve tried to put systems in place and get everything perfect before I’ve moved and done things, life has stagnated and then I get frustrated and I can’t work out why I’m not succeeding.

The same applies for other soul groups.  If you’re not aligned with your soul gifts, if you’re not aligned with your soul profile, life will stagnate for you and you will get very frustrated.  So if you already know what your soul profile and your soul gifts are, what I encourage you to do is check in every so often – every three months, every six months every 12 months or when things aren’t going to plan.  Check in and say, “Well in what way am I really aligned with my soul right now? and “In what way am I not listening, am I not doing what I should be doing?”  And then take action to change that because you know what you should be doing if we’ve already discussed your soul gifts and your soul profile.

For those of you who don’t know what your soul profile is I recommend that you have a reading and work out what your gifts are, because what it does is teaches you how to best make decisions and take action in your life and it also teaches you where you’re maybe not doing things right, where you’re falling into the traps that come with your gifts, whether it be that you over-give or you over-do or you find yourself getting involved in drama.  There are keys that you look out for to go, “Oh I must be out of alignment with my soul”.

So not everyone’s like me; not everyone is the great freedom loving soul.  There are souls out there who really need structure, so they can’t do things the way that I do.  where I get a gut feel that I need to do something and I jump right in, there are other souls out there who need systems and they need plans and they need to be really organised and have people around them who support them with that organisation and then they systematically go into it and when they do, that things go so well and so to plan.  If they would have do things the way that I do them, life would just fall apart for them and it wouldn’t succeed and that’s why you’ll see some people who are online and they’re really promoting, “Just go for it!  Just do it!  Just be impulsive and you’ll be successful!”  And there’ll be people out there who have tried that and it hasn’t worked and life has fallen apart, so that’s why there’s no cookie cutter approach to life and there’s no cookie cutter approach to success.

So I want to make that clear.  I’ve got clients, I’ve got quite a few clients actually whose soul gift is all-around compassion and they need to have a strong community around them and they need to feel valued in that community.  If they’re in a community where they’re not valued, they end up just trying harder and harder and harder to make people happy; they keep trying harder and harder and harder to fit in and they end up depleted.  It doesn’t work and life doesn’t go well for them.  So one of the signs for them that life’s not going well is they’re really depleted and they’re not feeling that they’re wanted.  So for them they know the readjustments they need to make.

So again if you haven’t had a reading done, I encourage that you maybe give it a go because it really does help you to understand why things are stagnating in life for you and it also helps to look at any blocks and restrictions or any patterns that you’re repeating from past lives that are going against the grain of your soul gifts and for those of you who have had a reading, just do that audit every now and then, just say, “How can I align more closely to my soul gifts?  What do I need to do differently?  How can I make my life easier, happier and better?”

That’s all for today.  Thanks so much for listening in and I’ll see you next time.

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