Fear is an interesting thing.  It is all consuming and it is the biggest hurdle (coupled with doubt) that blocks our forward progress.

Pushing through fear and doing that thing which terrifies you is mammoth.  Buying that house.  Taking that job.  Starting that business.  The terror rises again and again but you do it anyway.

Underlying all of this is a lack of confidence.  A lack of belief in yourself.  A lack of belief that you can do it, that you can have it, that you are good enough.

It feels disgusting to sit in that space, so eventually you have to push through it or get on out and go back to your old way of doing life.

When you are lacking confidence, you are looking at all the things that aren’t “good enough”, how you might fail or finding the gaps that other people may criticise.  So, even once you step into that fear, realise it isn’t so bad and start to build confidence, something will pop up to tear you down again.

I’ve heard it said that no one can push your buttons if you don’t have any – and it’s true.  If you didn’t have that fear in the first place, no one could come in and knock your confidence back down.

But fear is a big monster and as we know, what we focus out attention on grows.  So how do we overcome this?

The answer is to focus on our growth rather than our *perceived* deficiencies.  Instead of saying, “I haven’t got any experience.  How do I know that I can even do this?” try “I know enough to get started and I am looking forward to growing each day”.  Or instead of, “My house looks shabby.  What will people think of me?”  try “I’m looking forward to weaving my magic in this place and sharing the journey with my friends”.

In short, if you focus on the growth that will occur, rather than all the things that are “wrong” or “imperfect”, you aren’t giving power to the fear so it can’t come back to bite you later, or if it tries, It’ll be more like a mosquito bite and less like a snake bite.  It might itch, but it won’t kill your dream!

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