Journey of Souls by Michael Newton is a classic must-read for anyone with an interest in spirituality and the spiritual path.

I personally recommend this book to all of my clients, particularly those who:

  • Are interested in the afterlife;
  • Want to learn more about death and reincarnation;
  • Are fearful of death; or
  • Have had a tough life and hold a lot of guilt, anger or judgement towards themselves and/or others.

Michael Newton was a clinical hypnotherapist who initially declined to perform past-life regressions for his clients.  He stumbled upon the state required to regress a client to the afterlife when one of his clients started recounting events as they occurred after their previous death.  What resulted was the clearing of issues the client had been unable to resolve through standard age regression hypnotherapy.

Journey of Souls is a cumulative work which brings together Michael’s knowledge of the after life as a result of decades of conducting life-between-life therapy, which he developed into an art.

Topics covered include:

  • Death and leaving the physical body;
  • Re-entry into the spirit world;
  • Who greets us after death;
  • The life review process;
  • Advancement of the soul – beginner, intermediate and advanced souls;
  • Selecting a new life, body, family and location;
  • How we recognise soul mates; and
  • Returning to the physical world – embarkation and rebirth.

Michael combines an explanation of these processes with case studies from his life-between-life regression sessions, presented as conversational transcripts.  This makes the book more humanistic, as we come to understand his clients, the lessons they are struggling with and how these lessons are linked to past lives, current life plans and relationships with other souls.

Sections of the book can be a touch dry.  Michael puts on his scientific cap in an attempt to explain the interrelationship between souls via soul groups and clusters.  I found this section useful but unless you have a very technical mind you may zone out a little throughout this section.  In all seriousness though, we are talking about one dry chapter in an otherwise very engaging text.

I really feel that this book provides comfort and clarity around why we are here, why we have challenging experiences and what happens when we pass on from this life.  If you have any worries or doubts about the afterlife, the case studies and explanations in this book will bring you an understanding that warms the heart and soothes the soul.

If you haven’t yet read this book, add it to your list now!  You can find out more via the links below.

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