Your one job in this lifetime is to be your best self and shine your light.  In doing so, you inspire others to show up and be the best version of themselves that they can be.  It’s called being the Standard.

Think about it.  Who are the people who inspire you the most?  The people who have stepped up despite adversity.  The ones who are living THEIR best life and inspired you to reach for your best self.  The people who have given you encouragement when your cards were down or seen the greatness in you when you have lost sight of yourself.  The complete stranger who demonstrated  a small act of kindness and restored your faith in the goodness of humanity.

These people aren’t necessarily superstars.  They aren’t necessarily big humanitarians or environmentalists or philanthropists (although they probably are all of those things in their own way).

Some time ago I made a decision to be “radiant”.  To show up and shine my light each day, in the smallest of ways, and maybe light up the day for someone else.  I don’t do anything really – I’m just unabashedly myself.  I am grateful for the day.  I play silly games with my children.  I talk to everyone as my equal.  I smile at strangers.  I laugh at life.


When you show up, with the energy of just being happy, grateful, open, playful, radiant, you open up the possibility for someone else to do the same.  You inspire, give hope and give PERMISSION for other people to buck the trend of what it means to be an “adult”, be “professional”, “be a “good parent”, blah blah blah (ick).

So stop being shy.  Stop trying to be what you “think” you should be, or what society “tells you” that you should be.  Just be your self and let your true light shine.  Let others be inspired by you in all of your you-ness.  When you are true to YOU, then you will find true happiness and you will inspire others to find their own.

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