Every time you utter the words, “I don’t know”, you are selling yourself out.

The reality is that you DO know.  You have the answer to every problem and every question that could arise in your life.

The answers are not to be found outside of you, they are WITHIN.

In fact:


As children, we are taught to defer to someone else for the answers.  There is always someone who knows more, knows what to do, knows what is right for you.  Think parents, teachers, text books, the news reader.  We end up believing that we don’t know what is best or right.  We are taught that any decision we make without the input of others is wrong.  This is why we consult with friends, family, specialists – anyone and everyone – before we make a decision.  That is why when we answer a question, we defer to “I don’t know”, in case we are told that we are “wrong”, because how could little old you possibly know?

Even the answers to the biggest and most complex answers in life can be found within.  You will either just intrinsically “know” the answer deep within your core, or the answer will present itself to you very quickly in the smallest and most seemingly insignificant way, because the microcosm is a reflection of the greater macrocosm, meaning that the answers to all All-That-Is are right in front of us at all times and just by looking at a leaf falling from the tree, the consciousness within will be awakened to a new facet of your place and significance within All-That-Is.

Here’s an exercise for you:

From this moment onwards, never again say, “I don’t know”.  YOU DO KNOW.  Prove it to yourself.  Whenever you or someone else asks a question of you, give an actual answer.  Say the first thing that comes to your mind.  Or take a moment and think to yourself, “I know this”, then take a breath and say what comes to you.  Act from that space of knowingness – that is your consciousness talking.

From now on, when you ask and receive that “knowing” answer, act upon it.  Stop doubting and trust that your personal compass always leads you in the right direction.  Providing that you have set the destination, your inner knowingness will tell you exactly what to do to get there.  Your job is to listen, trust, get out of your own way and take each step as the inspiration comes to you.

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