Image Credit: Ajay Kumar Singh on Pixabay

We are all teachers and we are all students.  Every day, every experience provides us with new perspective and new insights.  Some things we learn by stepping into the middle of something.  Other things we learn by watching and listening.

In societies where formal education is highly valued, we are taught to find an expert and learn from them.  We then try apply this same principle to our spirituality, which is in fact a very unique and personal experience.  No two people take the exact same steps or have the same experiences on the path to enlightenment.

Teachers can be extremely useful for helping us on the journey, but trying to:

  • Follow their exact path;
  • Emulate their behaviours;
  • Copy their daily routine; and
  • Memorise their precise words;

Will not take you to enlightenment.

In fact, a true Master who develops dependent followers will usually remove themselves from the limelight altogether or decide that it is time to cross over.  They do this so that their followers have no choice but to step into their own wisdom, take their own path and listen to their own inner guidance.

This isn’t to say that you can’t take on board the teachings of others.  By all means do!  When you have a question that needs answering, the answer will present itself via the path of least resistance.  If you aren’t listening to your inner guidance, the answer will often present itself via the words or actions of another person.  The point is, it is unwise to follow only the teachings of one person and to place them on a pedestal.  Doing so willingly leave you disillusioned when you realise that they are not “perfect” (whatever that is) and you will be held back from achieving your own enlightenment by clinging to everything your guru says and does rather than following your own deeply personal journey.

The story is yours.  The path to enlightenment is yours.  The experience of ascension is yours.  You can never achieve enlightenment by trying to be or act like someone else.  So it’s time to stop… and become your own guru.

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