For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – so says Newton’s third law of motion.  The same is true for your interactions with people in any cases where you are applying FORCE.

Whenever you try to push, force or argue that someone else should see things your way, do things your way, or behave as you expect, it is natural that they will push equally against you.  That is the way force works in ANY energy dynamic, including your relationships and interactions with others.

That is why whenever someone starts beating the drum on any topic, someone else will beat their opposing drum just as loud – then there is a chaos instead of a symphony.  No one changes, no one improves and everyone is cross.

Change is a gradual thing.  It seldom happens overnight, unless there is some massive trauma or other life altering event that leaves you seeing the world from a whole new perspective.

I have worked with A LOT of people and seen A LOT of change.  People with different ideas, beliefs, jobs and backgrounds.  I have also worked within organisations that have created MASSIVE cultural shifts.  In my experience, no personal or large scale change ever happened overnight and none of it happened through force.

It’s about taking people on a journey with you, having a balanced conversation, setting an example and being a Standard.  Shaming, bullying, lecturing, imposing and forcing will NEVER get someone to take the path you want and if they do, their spirit won’t be with you anyway, so you have won nothing.

Next time you want to effect change, consider how it can be done with kindness, dignity, camaraderie, compassion and love.  Always take the high road.  You can’t bring about change in everyone, but the people you do impact will be truly WITH you and the change will be more enduring.

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