The HOW is not up to you.

It has NEVER been up to you.

Think of all the times in your life when things have gone really well….

It usually involved what we would call good timing, good luck, serendipity and so forth.  You set an intention and somehow, things fell into place or worked in your favour.

Now think of the times when things have gone really wrong….

Those scenarios usually involve you trying to push, force or make things happen.  Trying to force people or circumstances to achieve your desired outcome as immediately as possible.  Or perhaps in order to get what you wanted sooner rather than later, you jumped into something that wasn’t right for you – you pushed for the NOW and got less than perfect circumstances – whether that be an imperfect relationship, career move, purchase, or anything else.

Your only jobs are to:

1) DECIDE what you want;

2) HAVE FAITH that as you have asked, so it is given; and

3) TAKE ACTION when (and only when) you feel inspired.

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