I find it endlessly interesting, yet unsurprising, that our soul gifts & our brain / personality profiles always match so beautifully.

I’m soul aligned & thriving when I have maximum freedom, minimum obligation & the opportunity to speak my truth.  I’m not great at nutting out the small details because I want to jump straight to the end game.  I need to feel okay outsourcing the small detail to souls who LOVE that kind of thing.  So says my (very accurate) soul profile.

When I look at my brain profile, I am a strategist & visionary but weak on the details.  I don’t like going through things with a fine tooth comb to work out the functioning of the atom.

The two profiles are so well aligned…

BUT there is one BIG difference between soul and brain/personality profiling.

The purpose of many brain/personality profiles is to help you identify your weaknesses so that you can work on them & create perfect balance. You are expected to become the full package – able to create the big vision, nut out the fine print, develop workable systems & foster positive relationships.  I’ve seen people work hard to achieve this – it is do-able – but in my experience the person loses that “something” which made them special, unique & amazing in their own way.  They also take their finger off the pulse, because they are so busy focusing on so many elements that they lose their way.

With soul profiling, we do the opposite. You are encouraged to embrace who you truly are & not be ashamed of it. We work out how you flow & which scenarios you need to walk away from so that you don’t end up deeply unhappy.  In my mind, the most amazing thing about soul profiling is that you walk away with a real sense of “THIS IS ME!” You finally grant yourself full permission to own who you are & how you tick, meaning that you are less inclined to try to be the person other people say you “should” be.

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