Like anyone, I’ve been to tonnes of funerals.  Some people made it to old age, some died of illness, there was a car crash victim, a young mother who died in pregnancy and a murdered relative…

But there is one funeral that has stuck in my head more than any other and it’s been popping up in my memory again and again over the past week or so.

It was a relative by marriage who had died of old age.   There weren’t many people present, but a lot of her friends had died by this stage, so no big deal.  The bit that hit me was her eulogy.  She had been born, moved to Australia, married, had a son, survived her husband and died.   That was it…. 

Worse still, the eulogy mentioned that she had been a ray of sunshine who made everyone laugh…. Every time I had seen her she was crying.  That’s all I remember of her.  Even when she was laughing she was crying.  I had always found visiting her to be painful and whenever I heard others speak, they spoke the same words.  She had suffered from polio as a child and had been depressive ever since – her body was permanently disabled from the illness and she had never been able to pull herself back together emotionally.

I sat there in that funeral and thought, “I don’t want that to be me!  I don’t want to live and die with nothing in between!  I don’t want to die having made zero impact on the world and I don’t want people to have to make stuff up about me as a filler in my eulogy”.

That was a really cathartic moment for me.  It gave me perspective on what I wanted – to have lived a full life and to have made a difference, even in the smallest of ways.  That one funeral has given me a massive amount of drive over the years to avoid stagnation, to continue to experience new things, gain new perspective and to be a positive influence for my family.

I am grateful to work with so many individuals as a coach – helping people to remember and step into their own greatness.  Helping people to shift out of the hum-drum of their day to day lives and to manifest the dreams and desires that stir in their chest.

If you are ready to create the life you were meant to live – to fill the space between life and death with vibrance, joy and fulfilment – reach out to me and see if 1:1 mentoring (including my super popular soul profiling) are right for you.  Or check out my Soulful Success mentoring program for yourself here.

Your life is now – your power to create meaningful change is now.  I wouldn’t wait another moment.

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