I was really enthusiastic heading into 2020.  The number 2020 speaks of balance and I considered that a balanced year should bring with it a chance for calm waters upon which to sail with ease and make great progress.

Instead, 2020 was a year for rebalance.  Big goals stagnated, drama reared its ugly head and we were all forced to slow down and really look at ourselves, our lives and our society as a whole.  The rocks we lifted released many spiders hiding in the dark and we were able to see the truth behind the masks that people were wearing.

Rebalance requires release.

We released a lot that no longer served us personally and as a society, but for that to happen, many, many things needed to come to a head.  All of our resistances were pushed and pulled and torn to shreds so that we would finally let go of that which no longer served us.  Everything that we thought we could control or keep a lid on showed us that it was time to let go and step into graceful acceptance.  Those of us that fought tightly to our resistance ended up battered, bruised and exhausted.

Progress took a backseat.   Stagnation set in.  Many people died or became terminally ill – not just from Covid – but from cancer and other diseases which slowly eat away at the body.  The mass exodus of people meant a release of old energy patterns and thoughts which weighed heavily on the hypnotic overlay of mass consciousness.  Thoughts and beliefs which served us greatly at one time, but which will not serve us moving forward into this new age – the Age of Aquarius.

We are still in the “hangover” period of 2020 energetically, but the energy is starting to shift.  Can you feel it?  Those matters which are still shrouded in pain will resolve fairly quickly now, but not without some discomfort, while those matters aligned with joy and positive intent will start to flow again with more ease and grace than ever before.  You may be shocked at the speed of your progress after a painfully stuck 2020!

The other great thing that 2020 taught me is that balance = stagnation.  It might be comfortable, but without duality we cannot possibly change, find new paths, come up with great new ideas and continue to expand.  Duality really does serve us.  Finding inner balance requires duality as well, because unless we see the polar extremes of a scenario, we cannot gain clarity on what we truly desire in our lives and step into that reality.  We also have zero perspective without seeing both sides of the same coin!

2020 changed all of us, but as tired, battered and bruised as many of us felt coming out of 2020, I am still grateful for the lessons that came with it.  The clarity, the release and the fresh perspective will serve us all in the years to come.

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