No matter how tricky life gets – no matter how many twists, turns, successes or blows – you always have yourself. That is the one and only constant you can expect in life.

There are no promises.

Family and friends may come and go.

Even your children do not belong to you.

But through it all you have yourself.

That may be a bitter pill for some to swallow, but it is the ultimate truth.

You live with yourself for an eternity. You can never escape yourself, so it’s time to accept yourself – warts and all.

The one thing that society does not teach us is that we are perfect exactly as we are. Perfection itself is an illusion – no matter how hard you strive, you will never achieve society’s version of perfection, because it can’t be defined and as the bar is constantly moving, it is entirely unattainable. The likelihood of finding a perfect human is the same as your chance of finding a family that has not experienced death – completely impossible.

So instead of aiming for perfection – stop. Learn to live with yourself. Learn to accept yourself. Even learn to love yourself. An eternity of despising yourself is an eternity of pain.

Respect yourself, love yourself and let your true light shine through. Instead of repelling others, your radiance will attract others to you like a moth to a flame. More important than that – you will learn true peace and happiness – and then you will have mastered existence.

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