I have spoken to a lot of people who really feel like they are being put through the wringer lately.  Off the back of all that is going on with COVID, it feels like the trials keep coming like the battering seas – wave after wave pushing us back under the water every time we take a breath.

Here’s the answer…  The global population is going through a massive shift of consciousness and up levelling.  At the start of last century, we were pushed into the same sort of growth phase through two World Wars, Spanish Flu and the Great Depression.  These major events acted as great equalisers – no one was immune and everyone was forced to take stock of what really mattered in life.  Many people had their lives completely stripped away from them and were forced to start again.

This time around, we have been forced to take stock in a new way, without the war, violence and destruction of the last century, but with plenty of death both internally and externally.

Right now, the dragon is going deep within each of us.  It is literally tearing apart everything that no longer serves us – everything which is old, stagnant and outdated – and forcing us to reevaluate ourselves, what we are doing, why we are doing it and what truly matters to us.  We are all being forced to look within, versus looking out.  It is a very painful process, but it is a deep and necessary cleansing.

Know that you are not alone, this time will pass and sometime in the future, you will find yourself in a better and more balanced place, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, no longer carrying the baggage, patterns, beliefs and hurts that no longer serve you.  This is a time of great shift that will serve us in the long run.  We are not through it yet, but we are all in this together.

📸: Mathew Schwartz via Unsplash

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