One practice that I personally uphold and recommend to my clients is success journaling.

Law of Attraction requires faith before proof, which seems illogical to most minds given the way that we have been taught.  By keeping a Success Journal, the proof starts to come through thick and fast.


Because whatever we give our attention to is amplified…

So every time you acknowledge that you have manifested something that you asked for, you build faith in your ability to manifest.  In turn, your belief in manifestation increases the speed and ease of future manifestations.  It builds momentum….

Here’s how to a Success Journal works:

  1. Purchase a journal for the sole purpose of recording your manifesting successes.
  2. At the front of the journal, write “Success Journal”.
  3. Each time you receive something that you have asked for or desired, no matter how big or small, write it in the journal and mark the date.  This includes everything from landing the car park closest to the shopping centre entrance to purchasing your dream house.  Absolutely nothing is left out.
  4. Intermittently look back at your journal to see what you have achieved and manifested.  This is a reminder that you are on the right track, you are capable of manifesting and you should keep going.  Looking back is an especially good practice on days when you feel low or like you are spinning your wheels rather than moving forward.

In the beginning, you may only record successes once a week or once every few days, but the more you practice journalling and acknowledge your manifestations, the more frequently you will manifest and you will find yourself adding at least one entry per day.

As a lover of beauty, I prefer my journals to be beautifully illustrated to add to the joy of the process.  So when you select a journal, make sure that it brings you joy in some way.  

Discover the journal in the picture here.

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