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What if you could attract all the clients you can handle?

What if getting clients became your new norm?

How would it feel to abandon the "hustle" and attract clients in a way that felt natural and good?

Your business should not feel like struggle. 

Attracting clients should be a thing of ease and grace.

It's time to get clear on your vision, align with your goals and take inspired, strategic action

Gizelle Hamilton

Client attraction can feel really challenging in this noisy world, where everyone is desperately scrambling for clients.

That doesn't need to be you.

My simple client attraction system makes calling-in clients easy, using a combination of vision, strategy, magnetism and action.

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The Secret to Client Attraction is Waiting for You

It's absolute clarity in your mission, clients and goals.

It means no compromise for less than perfect clients.

It's the right balance between energetic alignment and strategic action.

It's confidence in your decisions and conviction in your actions.

Welcome to Clients on Tap....

By working with me you will:

Gain Absolute Clarity

Become crystal clear on WHY you do what you do and WHO you serve, including your mission, ideal clients, offers and strategic improvements.

Magnetise and Align

Learn powerful techniques to magnetise ideal clients to you and learn how to align your energy to your desires.

Strategic Soul Aligned Action

Discover how to take action steps that are soul-aligned, strategic and aimed at gaining real traction in your business.

Special Bonus: Client Master Vision Video Series

To fast track your learning, I am giving you access to a series of videos to help you get started, even before our first conversation. In this video series you will discover:

Your core values;

Your business mission;

Your ideal client attributes;

What you need to offer your clients;

How to make strategic improvements that will attract your ideal clients NOW.

This information is game changing and will set you on the fast path to client attraction success.


Working together you will learn the exact processes that I use to... 

Ditch the confusion and step into clarity

Magnetise clients rather than chase them

Create more time in my business

Sign-Up for Clients on Tap...

Clients on Tap is a one (1) month intensive program to help you get all the clients you can handle now. Here's what you get:

  • Coaching Sessions

  • 4 x 30-minute private coaching sessions

  • Messenger Support

  • Messenger support between sessions if you get stuck, need encouragement or want to celebrate!

  • International Access

  • All sessions conducted via international conference line Zoom


  • Master Client Attraction Video Series to identify your mission, ideal client, core offering and strategic improvements that you need to make.

    Emma Hart Testimonial

    Although I felt unsure of what to expect at the start, Gizelle lovingly guided me through some processes that combined energy with action. As a result of her coaching, I was able to use the strategies she taught me, to achieve greater success both in my personal and professional life. 

    Emma Hart

    Kiara Stephenson Testimonial

    I began working with Gizelle and immediately felt comfortable with her presence. Never having done work on Manifestations before. There was no judgement; but so much knowledge in the area. By the end I felt confident on what I wanted, and left with the skills to make it happen. 

    Kiara Stephenson

    Owner - The River Block 

    Are you ready to attract all the clients you can handle?

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