I am constantly asked for recommendations on books, courses, card decks and other resources to help clients in their personal and spiritual development.  I love to help out as the world is full of knowledge and resources that need to be shared!  To get you started, I have provided a list of my favourite products and courses here, all of which I have used myself and would recommend to friends.

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Initiation by Elisabeth Haich

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Initiation by Elisabeth Haich is one of my all-time favourite spiritual texts and a must read for anyone who loves profound spiritual material.

The book recounts Elisabeth’s path to enlightenment, plus her spiritual discoveries and fall from grace in an early lifetime as a High Priestess and Queen in Ancient Egypt.

Read my full review here.

Journey of Souls by Michael Newton

Level: All Levels, especially Beginner and Intermediate

Journey of Souls by Michael Newton is a classic must-read for anyone with an interest in spirituality and the spiritual path.

The book brings together Michael’s knowledge of the after life as a result of decades of conducting life-between-life therapy.

Topics covered include death, re-entry to the spirit world, life review, soul advancement, selecting a new life and rebirth.

Read my full review here.

Card Decks


Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Level: Intermediate to Advanced Tarot Readers

The Shadowscapes Tarot, is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful tarot decks that you will ever set your eyes upon.

The level of detail in the finely intricate watercolour images will almost absorb you into the cards themselves as you try to capture every exquisite detail and question the symbolism of each character within the scene.

Read my full review here.



Nature’s Whispers: Writing and Creativity Journal

This exquisite journal combines plenty of writing space with inspirational quotes and messages, plus 44 full colour artwork reproductions (my favourite part).  If you are a lover of beauty, nature and earth-inspired deities, this is the journal for you!

Sneak peek inside the cover…

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