Chakra Analysis Report


Is your life out of balance?  Physically?  Mentally?  Emotionally?

If yes, I can assure you that your chakras are out of balance!

Come with me and take a deep dive into your Akashic Records to discover:

  • Which of your chakras are over-active
  • Which of your chakras are under-active
  • How these imbalances are showing up in your life
  • Practical action steps to help you rebalance each chakra

This reading is provided as a full report for you to keep and will help you make the life changes that you most need right now!

Reports are emailed and will be received within one-week.


  • Find out which chakras are over and under-active
  • Learn how your chakras are affecting your life or a particular situation.
  • Learn which action steps to take to rebalance your chakras.


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